What Are Orthotics?

Biomechanics is the science used to identify and compensate for irregularities in the skeleton. If your skeleton is misaligned for whatever reason then it is unlikely that the structure will be able to support itself as intended.

Uneven and rapid wearing can take place throughout the body similar to the uneven and rapid wearing away of tyres on a car whose wheel alignment is faulty. Both are caused by poor functional position both are progressive and both are halted by re-establishing good functional alignment.

Leading Edge Technology

An Ortho scanner system provides a 3D dynamic scan of the foot, ankle, knee and hip in motion taking up to 10,000 pictures of the foot and lower limb in motion. This unique, new digital system has revolutionised the detection and treatment of foot disorders. It eliminates the need for casting and any guess work involved, leading to the most accurate diagnosis available today.

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