What does physiotherapy assessment involve?

Physiotherapy assessment starts with a detailed history of all relevant medical facts together with a review of any x-rays or MRI scans GP and consultant reports which you may have received. Gathering this information is important in planning the treatment and forms the basis of the management plan.

The second part of the assessment involves the physical examination. This typically involves a visual assessment of the area in question.

These tests typically involve looking at movement, testing muscle function, manually examining the problem area.

All of this information is then evaluated and a report of the findings is discussed with you. From there the treatment options available, the number of treatments required and the expected outcome will be discussed.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments required depends on the severity and type of condition. Usually we can get a clear indication after the initial assessment what the recovery time will be.

Are you covered by health insurance?

Yes our chartered physiotherapists are approved by health insurance companies e.g. VHI, LAYA and AVIVA and GLOHEALTH There are many factors which influence the remuneration for physiotherapy services at it would depend on the type of policy, the number of treatments and the total amount of medical expenses accumulated within one subscription year. We would advise that you discuss with your health insurer to determine what level of reimbursement you are entitled to. All treatment fees or settled directly with Ballincollig Physiotherapy at the time of treatment. Your invoices can then be submitted to your health insurer in order to receive remuneration.

Additionally you may be entitled to tax credits / reimbursement through the "Med 1" scheme for medical expenses. These forms are available can be downloaded from the revenue online services ROS for submission at the end of the financial year.

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